Project Description

FiRisk Consulting managed a set of business transformation projects in response to new Legal and Compliance regulations for mortgage services. The technology projects and its implementations were required to be in sync with changes to the people processes with minimal interruption to employees and customers.

Business Case

The FSI faced regulatory pressure and changing industry demands to remain compliant, reduce expenses and create more efficient organizations where employees are “highest and best use” .

Project Objectives

Employee readiness to embrace the target environment both from an individual skills set as well as their role and impact in the new organizational structure; measure of compliance with new regulations; internal measure of efficiency improvement; put controls in place to maintain the efficiency gains in the long term.

Services Provided

FiRisk Consulting was responsible for managing and executing on the following scope:

  • Developed key stakeholder analysis and employee impact assessments.
  • Developed employee skill set gap assessment from current to target environment.
  • Developed and implemented action plans for employee and manger level readiness.
  • Developed and facilitated communications plans and routines at enterprise level.
  • Set up and managed employee target environment dress rehearsals/BAU practice sessions .
  • Revised employee performance plans and roles and responsibilities based on the new organization structure.
  • Restructured and educated employees on potential career path changes and succession plans.
  • Established controls and metrics to maintain and measure, organizational efficiency and effectiveness of the new target state.