Project Description

FiRisk Consulting managed a team that was responsible for identifying operational defects that were causing customer issues as well as defining opportunities to streamline operational activities. FiRisk Consulting performed root cause analysis that pinpointed specific opportunities, implemented the enhancements, and developed metrics to monitor continued operational success.

Business Case

A leading Media Consumer Ratings organization was experiencing critical data collection system failures resulting in data re-processing, low data quality, loss of customer confidence, and potential loss of revenue. The quality issues were also causing potential losses in accreditation by the Media Ratings Council.

Project Objectives

Conducted an extensive Six Sigma improvement focusing on improving data quality and reducing operational costs. This project directly led to a bottom line impact of ~ $4M in cost reductions while improving overall data reliability to its historically high levels, well beyond customer expectations.

Services Provided

FiRisk Consulting was responsible for managing and executing on the following scope:

  • Performed systemic and process driven root cause analysis to pinpoint specific improvement opportunities
  • Identified solutions which would both quickly and permanently resolve failure modes and result in improved performance
  • Led a team of engineers and developers to identify key failures, and to design and build necessary system modifications
  • Improved the data collection and reporting process to better identify issues
  • Built a web-based reporting system that enables better data collection system performance reporting
  • Developed control platform that would provide the ability to analyze ongoing performance and allow for continuous improvement
  • Led efforts to report compliance efforts and results to the Media Ratings Council