Project Description

Our client, a major U.S. bank, needed a global records management system to support governance activities. The bank has over 2 million gigabytes of data to be managed. Further their system requirements were different between lines of business and between countries originating the information.

Business Case

To facilitate the bank’s launch of enterprise-wide records management governance. The motivating forces behind the project included: reduction of operating costs, reduction in operating risk and the ability to satisfy regulatory scrutiny around records management

Project Objectives

The records management system needed to support the governance of physical records, structured digital records from transactional systems and unstructured digital records from systems like email and SharePoint. Finally, the system had to support overriding preservation requests from bank legal staff or federal regulators.

Services Provided

FiRisk Consulting provided a framework for the bank to drive its implementation.

  • Designed and delivered a structured approach to consolidate the needs of a very diverse stakeholder group.
  • Worked with the stakeholder to merge three separate but related project initiatives into one coordinated effort.
  • Partnered with the IT team building the user interface and preservation rules engine to increase stakeholder alignment.
  • Provided the project management to prepare system requirement and design documentation for internal approvals.
  • Undertook follow-on work to design destruction eligibility processes for unstructured digital data.